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Grants & Financial Assistance

Friends of the Elderly Grants
Who can apply? Older people who are on a low income in private or rented accommodation (not those living in residential care). We provide small grants to older people who are living on low incomes. We have three grant streams currently open which aim to alleviate the stress and worry associated with living on a low income. HOME ESSENTIALS grants help with the cost of replacing every day items in the home (white goods and furnishings), small home repairs and mobility adaptations. DIGITAL CONNECTION grants are to help older people get online and stay connected and can be used towards the cost of equipment such as tablets and smartphones as well as broadband costs.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT grants are there to help with unexpected bills and large costs such as utility bills, funeral costs, moving fees etc. Our grants are funded from donations from our generous supporters and funds are limited. We have simple but clear criteria to help make the process as easy as possible. Grant value The average amount we award is £300 and we do not often award grants for more than £500.

Tel: callto:0330 332 1110

Delivered by: Friends of the Elderly
Where they work: Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham

Glasspool Grants
We are able to consider grant requests for the following: White goods, Beds & bedding, Essential household items and other household goods, Clothing, including school uniforms, Baby needs, Travel expenses for hospital visits etc.,Contribution towards equipment and adaptations for people with disabilities where there has been an occupational health therapist recommendation, Vocational materials and training where there is clear evidence of an employment offer, Driving lessons/tests where there is clear evidence of an employment offer, Flooring where there is an exceptional circumstance for people with disabilities, Educational computer equipment/television where there is a permanent or substantial disability/illness.

We cannot consider requests for: loans; debts e.g. catalogues/rent and Council Tax; bursaries; project funding; research; educational grants, bankruptcy & Debt Relief Order Fees, holidays, outings and respite costs; household repairs; rent in advance/deposits; funeral costs /headstones; removal costs: equipment and adaptations that should be funded by statutory services. We do not accept applications directly from individual members of the public.

Tel: 020 3141 3161

Delivered by: Glasspool Charity Trust
Where they work: 
Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham